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The MJG, Ltd., began operations in 2000 as a result of an Enterprise Project with innovative features in association with European authorities and the support and experience of many years of their promoters in this business area.

The activity of MJG, Ltd., develops several commercial fields and products, including:
. Interior decoration
. Small appliances (ECPs)
. Large household appliances (white and brown)
. Non-electric products for home

. Atmospheric water generators - domestic and industrial

The MJG, Lda, it represents and distributes its products with quality and design, the community and external markets, namely PALOPs, the Maghreb and South America

The MJG, Lda, markets its products under various European brands, including: AAFG, WAVES, ADLER, CLEVELAND, ELECTROLINE, DAWEOO, HYUNDAI, etc..

Concerned with environmental issues and still continuing its policy of innovation, MJG, Lda, makes efforts to find environmentally friendly products and constituting alternatives and solutions to the problems of humanity, having recently launched in the market Atmospheric Water Generator which produces pure water from the atmosphere.

We know that in a world where global water consumption doubles every 20 years, more than 1,000 million people have within their reach safe drinking water.

The atmospheric water generator draws moisture from the air and transforms it through a fine filtration system, pure drinking water. You can find more detailed information refer to our product line.

The MJG, Lda guarantees its products for 24 months and provides technical assistance efficiently.

Aiming at the satisfaction of our customers, MJG, Lda, is concerned to be looking for innovations, increasing and diversifying the range of products, thus providing a wider field of selection of innovative products.

About Us
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accessories accumulators
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electrical Fan heaters
home treatment utensils
barbecue grill Barbecues
Bungalow Capinadeiras
Cargo boxes dehumidification
Dishwasher / clothes Domestic cold
DVD DVD drive
food preparation gillnets
Health & Beauty heating
Ironing boards Machine Dryer
mattresses mills
Mobil-camp Mobil-home
No Power Ovens / Stoves
Paper shredders Photovoltaic Solutions Lighting
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Scales Solar refrigerators and coolers
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water dispenser
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