Areas of business
Motorcycles, Velocipedes and Accessories
Farm Machinery
Lightning detection solutions
Electrical Power Generator
Furniture and Decoration
Lighting / Electrical Material
Atmospheric Water Generator
Equipment for Restaurants and Hospitality
power photovoltaic
Prefabricated buildings
School supplies / office
building materials, tools and accessories
Cleaning Supplies
Small appliances
Ventilação e aquecimento
Sound and vision
DVD drive
large domestic
Home utilities
Sound and vision             Tablet
9.7 TABLET " A9 1.5GHZ x 2 GPU 400 x 2 1 GB DDR3 RAM 8GB 5.600MAH

Tablet of great power
Buen graphic rendimiento
Pantalla 9.7 inches
<24.63 cm diagonal pantalla
Crystal LCD Panel
Multitáctil capacitive pantalla 5
Glass Plus
9.7 TABLET " A9 1.6GHz x 2 GPU x 4 1GB RAM 4GB 6.000MAH

Tablet of great power
High graphic rendimiento
Pantalla 9.7 inches
<24.63 cm diagonal pantalla
Crystal HD LCD Panel
high contrast
Color real bad
About Us
After sales
accessories accumulators
air conditioning Baby Care
electrical Fan heaters
home treatment utensils
barbecue grill Barbecues
Bungalow Capinadeiras
Cargo boxes dehumidification
Dishwasher / clothes Domestic cold
DVD DVD drive
food preparation gillnets
Health & Beauty heating
Ironing boards Machine Dryer
mattresses mills
Mobil-camp Mobil-home
No Power Ovens / Stoves
Paper shredders Photovoltaic Solutions Lighting
photovoltaic systems Radio
Scales Solar refrigerators and coolers
stove Tablet
TV Ventilação
water dispenser
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