MJG - Comércio de artigos para o lar, Lda.
Rua B, 36 - Zona Industrial de Árvore
4480-620 ÁRVORE
Porto - Vila do Conde

Tel: +351 252646120
Fax: +351 252638764
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accessories accessories
accumulators accumulators
air conditioning air conditioning
Baby Care Baby Care
electrical electrical
Fan heaters Fan heaters
home treatment home treatment
utensils utensils
barbecue grill barbecue grill
Barbecues Barbecues
Bungalow Bungalow
Capinadeiras Capinadeiras
Cargo boxes Cargo boxes
dehumidification dehumidification
Dishwasher / clothes Dishwasher / clothes
Domestic cold Domestic cold
DVD drive DVD drive
food preparation food preparation
gillnets gillnets
Health & Beauty Health & Beauty
heating heating
Ironing boards Ironing boards
Machine Dryer Machine Dryer
mattresses mattresses
mills mills
Mobil-camp Mobil-camp
Mobil-home Mobil-home
No Power No Power
Ovens / Stoves Ovens / Stoves
Paper shredders Paper shredders
Photovoltaic Solutions Lighting Photovoltaic Solutions Lighting
photovoltaic systems photovoltaic systems
Radio Radio
Scales Scales
Solar refrigerators and coolers Solar refrigerators and coolers
stove stove
Tablet Tablet
Ventilao Ventilao
water dispenser water dispenser
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